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Locate the 50 biggest cities in the contiguous states of the USA

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 Cities with over a million inhabitants
750,000 to 1 million inhabitants
500,000 to 750,000 inhabitants
Under 500,000 inhavitants
This page is a ranking of the fifty biggest cities in the 48 contiguous states of the USA; it  excludes the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Cities are the major units in urban areas, which are by definition larger. While most urban areas are centered on a single city, some urban areas include more than one city -  For example Los Angeles is the biggest city in the Los Angeles–Long Beach–Anaheim urban area;  and the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth both figure independently in the list of largest cities, though they form a single urban area ( Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington)


For main tourist cities and sites in the USA, see Interactive tourism map.

Where are the 50 major cities in the USA? Click on the Show on map button in the third column to locate any city and see its population

City State
1. - New York New York Show on map
2. - Los Angeles California Show on map
3. - Chicago Illinois Show on map
4.- Houston Texas Show on map
5 - Phoenix Arizona Show on map
6 - Philadelphia Pennsylvania Show on map
7 - San Antonio Texas Show on map
8 - San Diego California Show on map
9 - Dallas Texas Show on map
10 - Austin Texas Show on map
11 - Jacksonville Florida Show on map
12 - San José California Show on map
13 - Fort Worth Texas Show on map
14 - Columbus Ohio Show on map
15 - Charlotte South Carolina Show on map
16 - Indianapolis Indiana Show on map
17 - San Francisco California Show on map
18 - Seattle Washington Show on map
19 - Denver Colorado Show on map
20 - Oklahoma City Oklahoma Show on map
21 - Nashville Tennessee Show on map
22 - El Paso Texas Show on map
23 - Washington D.C. Show on map
24 - Las Vegas Nevada Show on map
25 - Boston Massachussetts Show on map
City State
26 - Portland Oregon Show on map
27 - Louisville Kentucky Show on map
28 - Memphis Tennessee Show on map
29 - Detroit Michigan Show on map
30 - Baltimore Maryland Show on map
31 - Milwaukee Wisconsin Show on map
32 - Albuquerque New Mexico Show on map
33 - Tucson Arizona Show on map
34 - Fresno California Show on map
35 - Sacramento California Show on map
36 - Mesa Arizona Show on map
37 - Kansas City Kansas Show on map
38 - Atlanta Georgia Show on map
39 - Colorado springs Colorado Show on map
40 - Omaha Nebraska Show on map
41 - Raleigh South Carolina Show on map
42 - Virginia Beach Virginia Show on map
43 - Long Beach California Show on map
44 - Miami Florida Show on map
45 - Oaakland California Show on map
46 - Minneapolis Minnesota Show on map
47 - Tulsa Oklahoma Show on map
48 - Bakersfield California Show on map
49 - Tampa Florida Show on map
50 - Wichita Kansas Show on map

More information on selected cities

Boston, ChicagoLas Vegas,  Los Angeles, Miami, Memphis, New OrleansNew York, Philadelphia, San Francisco,  Sacramento, Seattle, Washington DC

Population figures from US Government census bureau - reports for 2022 

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