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A discovery of the United States
 A "learner's guide" to the United States, About-the-USA.com is a website for anyone looking for clear, concise and up-to-date information about the world's largest democracy, in particular students, travelers, and anyone looking to understand American  mentalities and the American way of life.
    Launched in the fall of 2023, this website still has a long way to go
    It divides into two parts, though there is plenty of interlap between the two. On the one hand About-the-USA.com is a destination guide, providing concise practical information pages for those who plan to visit the United States, particularly first-time visitors. Other pages,explain key aspects of institutions and  life in the Unted States, and are written  more generally for students needing an introduction to American studies, in colleges and universities worldwide.

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    The United States of America is a country that fascinates. Some love it, some do not; many admire it as a bastion of demoracy, the leader of the free world, and the nation that others turn to when the going gets rough.
    With almost 300 million inhabitants, the United States is the largest western democracy by population, and by far the most powerful. It is also a country that has so much to offer the visitor in terms of tourist attractions, history and natural heritage.
    Modern American history goes back no further than the sixteenth century, when the first Europeans began to settle on the great continent of North America; but the real history of the USA goes back much further than that, being the history of the native Americans, also known as Indian tribes, who inhabited the continent long before white men and women from Europe first set foot in the "New World".   
    Like many other parts of the world, the USA has its ancient history and its early history, as well as its modern history. In the vast expanses of the West there are cave dwellings and old adobe settlements dating from long before the sixteenth century; there are amazing prehistoric sites with their dinosours and petrified forests.
    The USA was the country that invented the idea of National Parks, pristine natural areas that were designated is part of the nation's heritage to be preserved in their natural state for generations to come..

USA facts in brief

Surface area: 9, 826, 630 square kilometres
Capital: Washington, D.C.
Biggest city: New York (9 million inhabitants)
Currency: the U.S. Dollar
Population (2023) : 340 million
Median age of the population: 38 years
Language: there is no official language, but English is the de facto language of the USA, the first language of about four Americans out of five. 17% the population speak Spanish
Religion: there is no official religion in the USA, but aboiut two thirds of the population define themselves as Christian. The number of practising Christians (those who attend church regularly) has been declining for years, and now represents under 50% of the population.

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Discover the U.S.A.
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The people, places and events that made modern America - Elvis Presley, M-L King, J-F Kennedy, the Mississippi, Route 66 and a whole lot more....  

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